Agreement on the procedure for the provision of services for renting a vehicle without a driver


1.1. This agreement is a public offer of Carplace LLC "Car Place" , hereinafter referred to asthe Contractor, to the Customer (individual or legal entity) to conclude a Contract for bookingvehicles without crew (hereinafter — the Contract) on the conditions set forth in this Offer.

1.2. This Agreement is concluded in a special order: by acceptance of this Offer, containing allthe essential terms of the Contract, without signing by the parties. This Agreement has legalforce in accordance with article No 434 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation and isequivalent to the agreement signed by the parties.

1.3. Full and unconditional acceptance of the offer is the implementation by the Customer ofactions to fulfill the conditions of the contract specified in the offer, including the execution ofthe Request on the website and payment by the Customer of services.

1.4. After receipt of the Request, all information provided in the Request is the basis of theContract between the Contractor and the Customer. In this case, the Customer (party to theAgreement) is any person specified in the payment document on behalf of which the payment ismade under this Agreement (the payer), and if the payment is made for a third party (and itfollows from the payment or other official document), the Customer under this Agreement is theperson for whom the payment is made.

1.5. This Agreement is a multilateral transaction consisting of an accepted public offer and itsintegral parts, as well as annexes, agreements, regulations and provisions posted on thecontractor's website.

1.6. The vehicle is provided to the Customer by third parties. The contractor is not the owner ofthe vehicles, and provides services for booking (pre-Order) services provided by third parties, inthis connection, is not responsible for the vehicle and for non-compliance of the vehicleexpectations of the Customer.

1.7. The contract for renting a vehicle without a crew is concluded directly between the Clientand the car rental company.

1.7.1. The contractor is not a party to the contract between the Client and the car rental companyand is not responsible either directly or indirectly for any of the parties, as well as for problemsarising with the rented vehicle and the car rental company.

1.7.2. The contractor does not guarantee the car rental companies or vehicles provided by them.The company that provided the vehicle is directly responsible for the vehicle.


2.1. The following terms and definitions are used in this agreement:

Rent a vehicle without a driver — a comprehensive service, including:

— meeting of the Client by the representative of the car rental company at the meeting place orat the office of the car rental company specified in the order;

— signing of the contract of lease of the vehicle without crew and the Act of acceptance andtransfer of the vehicle between the Client and the car rental company;

— obtaining by the Client the right to own and use the vehicle for the period established in thelease agreement of the vehicle without crew;

— return of the vehicle at the end of the term established by the contract of lease of the vehicleto the car rental company.

Services other than those included in the concept of «rent a vehicle without a driver» areconsidered additional and require additional payment.

Car rental company — a legal entity with the right to use and own in relation to the leasedvehicle.

Client — an individual who has reached the age of 21 (twenty-one) years and meets thefollowing criteria:

— in his name, the Contractor shall book the vehicle;

— this individual enters into a contract of lease of a vehicle without a crew with a car rentalcompany;

— pays on its own behalf the amount of the Deposit/security Deposit by paying in cash at thebox office of the car rental company or by providing a credit card with a sufficient amount in theaccount for the Deposit/security Deposit.

Contract — his agreement between the parties on all material terms in the form of a publicoffer, hereinafter unconditionally accepted by the Customer in full through its acceptance.Offer (public offer) — offers addressed to an indefinite number of persons are considered as aninvitation to make offers, unless otherwise expressly stated in the offer, as well as containing allthe essential terms of the contract offer, from which is seen the will of the person making theoffer, to conclude a contract on the conditions specified in the offer with anyone who responds,recognized offer (public offer).

Acceptance — the answer of the person to whom the offer is addressed, about its acceptance.The answer must be complete and unconditional. Silence is not an acceptance, unless otherwiseprovided by law, custom of business or previous business relationship of parties. Theperformance by the person who received the offer, within the period established for itsacceptance, of actions to fulfill the conditions of the contract specified in it (provision ofservices, payment of the corresponding amount, etc.) shall be considered as acceptance, unlessotherwise provided by law, other legal acts or specified in the offer.

Website — information resource registered on the Internet at

Payment — unds transferred by the Contractor to the Customer to pay for the services ofbooking the rental vehicle without the crew.

Deposit/security Deposit — the amount of money that the Client is obliged to provide to the carrental company in order to ensure the obligation to compensate for losses in case of violation ofthe lease of the vehicle without a crew. The order of payment, the amount of money and theorder of return are determined in the lease agreement of the vehicle without the crew.

The Contract may use terms that are not defined by the above concepts. In this case, theinterpretation of such term is made in accordance with the text of the Contract.


3.1. The subject of this Agreement is to provide the Customer with the possibility of booking avehicle rental service without a crew by sending a Request on the website

3.2. By placing a Request, the customer expresses its irrevocable consent to receive informationand advertising messages from the Contractor related to the provision of the service to themobile phone number and (or) e-mail address specified by the Customer.


4.1. The customer is not later than 72 hours before the start of the rental period provides aRequest for booking (reservation) of the desired vehicle class on the contractor's website.Depending on the city of service, the minimum booking period may be reduced or increased.

4.2. After receiving a Request from the Customer, the Contractor within 12 hours undertakes toprovide the Customer with information about the possibility or the absence of the possibility ofproviding the specified class of vehicle to the e-mail address of the Contractor specified whenmaking the Request. In the case of availability, provision of services, the Contractor within thetime specified above offers the Customer the vehicle is available for rent in the requested class,according to the cost of rent of vehicle without crew and other significant terms and conditionsassociated with the lease. The contractor does not guarantee a specific brand and model of thecar. The car indicated on the voucher is the most common in the selected class and can only beprovided if it is available at the time of receipt. In all other cases, the Customer is provided withan equivalent replacement or a car of a higher class at no additional cost.

4.3. After compliance with the regulations described in paragraph 4.2 the customer returns aletter of consent or disagreement with the terms provided by the Contractor.

4.4. In case of obtaining the consent from the Customer, the Contractor forms and provides theCustomer with a reference to the payment of agreed services. The customer undertakes to make a100% prepayment in the amount specified in the letter of the Contractor. Payment for services ismade by the Customer using a credit card on the day of the order; otherwise the order will becanceled.

4.5. After receiving the funds from the Customer, the Contractor sends the last voucher(confirmed reservation) by e-mail. The voucher must be presented to the representative of the carrental company to confirm the booking and payment of the rental vehicle without crew. Theorder is considered to be executed and subject to execution after receipt of funds from theCustomer to the account of the Contractor. If the Customer does not provide a voucher whenreceiving the vehicle, the car rental company has the right to refuse to provide the vehicle, andthe Contractor is not responsible in this case.

4.6. Cancellations or changes to the booking conditions are possible not later than 72 hoursbefore the start of the rental on the website via the feedback form in accordance with the pricesvalid at the time of changes. It is not allowed to cancel or change the booking conditions byphone. Specific terms of cancellation without penalty are specified in the voucher. The datesspecified in the voucher shall take precedence over the dates specified in this paragraph.

4.7. If you cancel your reservation later than the time specified in the voucher, the Contractor hasthe right to require the Customer to pay a fine in the following amount:

— if the vehicle was provided on the territory of the Russian Federation, the penalty is the costof one day of renting a vehicle without a crew;

— f the vehicle was provided on the territory of foreign countries, the fine is 200 EURO. If therental price does not exceed the amount of 200 EURO, the full cost of renting a vehicle without acrew is charged.

The contractor has the right to deduct this value from the amounts transferred by the Customer. Ifthe prepayment made after confirmation exceeds this amount, the remaining amount will bereturned to the Contractor within 30 banking days from the date of cancellation.


5.1. The cost of booking a rental vehicle without a crew is determined based on price lists andinformation posted on the website of the Contractor. The final cost is determined based on thecalculation of services.

5.2. The customer is responsible for paying for any ordered additional services, as well as forpaying for other services provided by the car rental company, which were not specified in theRequest.


6.1. At the conclusion of the contract of lease of the vehicle without crew, the Client undertakesto provide the following documents:

— driver's license, which is valid in the country where the vehicle will be rented;

— Passport or other identity document;

— power of attorney, if the reservation is made by a legal entity;

— Credit card in the name of the Client, if such a condition was specified in the voucherprovided by the Contractor.


7.1. The parties are responsible for non-performance or improper performance of theirobligations under the agreement in accordance with the terms of the latter, and in the part notregulated by the agreement — in accordance with the current legislation of the RussianFederation.

7.2. The customer is responsible for the completeness and accuracy of the information specifiedin the Request.

7.3. The contractor shall not be liable if the car rental company refuses to provide the vehicle tothe Client and does not return the amount paid at the time of booking, in the following cases:

7.3.1. If the client has not used all the days of the lease.

7.3.2. If the Customer does not appear at the rental office on the day of the commencement of thelease, or was late, or returned the vehicle prematurely.

7.3.3. If the Client cannot get the car due to the fact that his documents (driver's license, passportor other identity document) do not meet the conditions of the car rental company.

7.3.4. If the Customer has not provided a credit card in the driver's name, or there is not enoughmoney on it to block the security Deposit.

7.3.5. If the Customer is blacklisted by the car rental company.

7.4. The client is responsible for payment of parking violations and other traffic fines receivedduring the term of the lease of the vehicle without crew.


8.1. All disputes and disagreements that may arise between the Parties because of the executionof this agreement will be resolved through negotiations and/or submission of claims by theParties.

8.2. All claims arising in the course of execution of this agreement shall be sent by the Parties inwriting within 30 (thirty) calendar days. The term of consideration of the claim — 15 (fifteen)working days from the date getting one. If the Customer to the Contractor receives a claimagainst the car rental company, the Contractor undertakes to send it to the car rental company.


9.1. By placing a Request for booking a vehicle rental without a crew, the Customer accepts theterms of this offer. This Agreement may be amended and supplemented by the Contractorwithout further notice to the Customer. Changes will be effective immediately upon posting onthe website of the Contractor.

9.2. By agreeing to the terms of this offer, the Customer guarantees not to use this site for illegaland prohibited purposes, including but not limited to:

— do not use it to make speculative or false bookings;

— do not use it to analyze car rental companies or their prices;

— not to use the name of the Contractor for commercial purposes without prior writtenpermission from the latter.

9.3. Force majeure circumstances (fire, military actions, decisions of the Supreme state bodies,strikes, etc.), as a result of which the obligations arising from this Agreement cannot be fulfilled,release the parties from liability for obligations.

9.4. By accepting this contract-offer , on the basis of Art. 9 of the law No 152-FZ of 27.07.2006,the Customer gives his consent to the use in any way of his personal data in terms of name,surname, patronymic, contact phone number, e - mail address, postal address, as well as personaldata of third parties specified in the documents transmitted to the Contractor, solely within theexecution of this Agreement.

9.5. The information contained on the website is received, collected and prepared by theContractor for the Customer, and is reliable at the time of registration of the Request.

9.7. Neither the Contractor, nor its employees, nor freelance employees shall be liable for lossesarising from the use of information contained on the site for personal purposes of the Customeror other practical purposes, as well as for direct or indirect losses or losses incurred as a result ofmalfunctions or interruptions in the operation of the site.

9.8. Any information received by the Customer by e-mail or published on the site is intended forprivate non-commercial use. The customer has no right to copy, broadcast, send, publish, orotherwise use for mass reproduction materials taken from the site without the written permissionof the site administration.

9.9. The parties agreed that facsimile and other documents, as well as copies of documentsreceived by electronic means, have legal force equal to the original, if it is absolutely certainfrom whom they were received. At the same time, the copies of the documents received by theParty will have legal force until the originals of these documents are provided.

9.10. The contractor under this offer is a legal entity duly registered in accordance with thecurrent legislation of the Russian Federation and having the following details:

«Car Place» LLC

Legal address: 630007, Russia, Novosibirsk, Str. Kommunisticheskaya, build. 6, office 705

Actual address: 630099, Russia, Novosibirsk str. Deputatskaya, build. 46, 7 floor

Full name of the Bank: AO «ALFA-BANK»Currency account: 40702978523000000393 (euro), 40702840223000000747 (USD) ,SWIFT: ALFARUMM

Beneficiary’s bank address: 27 Kalanchevskaya str., Moscow, 107078

Correspondent bank ofbeneficiary’s bank: RAIFFEISEN BANK INTERNATIONAL AG

AmStadtpark9, 1030Vienna, Austria – euro

Correspondent bank ofbeneficiary’s bank:CITIBANK NA

399 Park Avenue, New York, NY10043, USA- USD


Acc. With corresp Bank: No 00150092584

e-mail:, + 7(495) 229 30 97